Studio Hire 

On a beautiful tree-lined street with easy parking, at Movement 360 we offer a calm and relaxed environment to teach your clients. The studio consists of a reception room with lockers, a small room, a large room and an additional treatment area (for massage and Physio). Please contact the studio at for availability & bookings.

Rates for studio hire paying hourly (1 large piece of equipment per client):

1 client    $22 per hour

2 clients   $30 per hour

3 clients   $35 per hour

4 clients   $40 per hour

5 clients   $45 per hour

Rates for studio hire paying weekly (includes space for up to 2 clients on 2 pieces of large equipment):

Please enquire

Courses & Workshops:

Either the entire small room or entire large room can be hired for 1 hour, 3 hours or 6 hours (full day). Please enquire for availability and rates. 

Available Equipment:

  • 6 x Balance Body Allegro 2 Reformers

  • 1 x Full Trapeze table combo with reformer 

  • 2 x Wunda Chairs

  • 5 x Pilates Arc

  • 5 x Pilates Balance Poles

  • 5 x GYROTONIC® Pulley Towers 

  • 1 x GYROTONIC® Leg Extender

  • 1 x Free - Form board

  • Small equipment such as Pilates balls, Magic circles, foam rollers, spikey balls, thera-bands, yoga straps etc.

  • There is floor space for 8 mats in Large Room 

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