GYROTONIC® is a training method based on the movement principles of yoga, dance, tai chi and swimming. Unlike most movement methods, there is an emphasis on rotation and spiralling movements that do not have an end point.


Treadmill, stair climber, rowing machine, even Yoga and Pilates—they all steer your body to move along a linear plane. But consider the movements you do in everyday life; reaching for your seat-belt, unloading groceries from the car or crouching over to tie your shoe. These movements move along more than one plane—they involve rotation and/or level changes. And so should your workout. 


The GYROTONIC® method uses specially designed equipment that allows complete freedom of movement. Circular, spiraling and flowing movements move the spine and other joints through their entire range of motion, stimulating and strengthening the connective tissues while also increasing strength and flexibility. It is these qualities that has lead it to become the preferred workout of professional dancers, elite athletes and martial artists.


While GYROTONIC® focuses on bringing back suppleness to the entire body, particular attention is paid to the spine. Each workout requires you to use your abdominals and core stabilising muscles (including multifdus - the muscles that move each vertebrae independently) to move your spine in every possible direction while at the same time creating length/ traction throughout the spine. This takes pressure off the discs and improves the agility and strength of the spinal muscles. 


The smooth, even resistance offered by the equipment is completely adjustable. It can assist or resist, meaning that this low impact exercise can be practiced by everyone regardless of age, fitness or injury. 


The GYROTONIC® method also offers the mind/body benefits of practicing yoga. The continuous flowing movements are synchronised with the breath and performed with rhythm. This results in a cardiovascular workout that can either be gentle or rigorous depending on the speed or intensity with which you choose to perform the movements. 


Wether you are an elite athlete, a yoga enthusiast looking to add another dimension to their practice, or recovering from an injury, GYROTONIC® strengthens functional, coordinated movements that relate to and vastly improve our everyday lives and sports/activities. Join us for a class and discover how good your body is designed to feel.


The main benefits include:


  • Brings suppleness back to the spine and whole body


  • Builds core strength, balance and agility


  • Increased flexibility and coordination


  • Compliments physical therapy and injury rehabilitation work


  • Counteracts “computer back” - improves posture, opens up the chest and shoulders and eliviates neck tension.


  • Decrease StressFocusing on your breath and rythmic, flowing movements switches on the "destress" mechanisms in your body. 


  • Rejuvenates the bodyLike many of our clients have said, it is the only exercise that makes you feel like you have had a full body massage.



Pilates uses specially designed equipment (a Reformer, Trapeze Table, Wunda Chair) and mat exercises to develop core and full body strength.  The first emphasis is on building a strong, supported torso/core by concentrating on the isolation and activation of the deep layer stabilising muscles of the body.  The entire body is challenged to connect into this strength and becomes more ressilient, durable, coordinated and strong as a result.


The main benefits include:


  • Improved core strength, posture and muscle control

  • Increased mind-body awareness

  • Improves functional movement in everyday activities and sport

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